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Sealcoating &
Crack Sealing



   Sealcoating will protect asphalt driveways and parking lots from the damage caused by oil leaks and weathering. The seal coat will maintain its integrity for 3 to 4 years until a new application is necessary. Sealcoat also provides an aesthetically pleasing new black shine. Applying too much sealer or too often will cause cracks. We recommend letting your new asphalt driveway cure for a year before the first application of seal coating. 

Crack Sealing​

   Asphalt cracks form by erosion and the sun's UV rays. It is crucial to compact the base beneath the asphalt pavement properly. Otherwise, the surface will settle unevenly, compromising its integrity and making it susceptible to cracking. When cracks develop, UV rays from the sun deteriorate the inside walls of the damage. Existing cracks will spread in winter weather conditions. Cracks further allow water to settle at the base and cause more erosion. 

It is important to fill and seal asphalt cracks to extend the life of your asphalt. The best practice is to seal cracks before they grow too big and are expensive to fix. The cracks can be trip hazards and other liability issues. It is cheaper to fix the problem as soon as possible. 


Contact us with any questions you may have. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Or, if convenient, schedule an estimate for a consultation and project bid. 

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