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Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Hardscaping
Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Hardscaping
Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Hardscaping
Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Hardscaping

Howard Paving & Excavating is an Edison, New Jersey-based excavation contractor offering an extensive range of expert excavating and grading services for new or existing residential and commercial construction.

We provide all excavating and demolition services, land clearing, site work, drainage work, and even prepping pools, ponds, and lakes. No job is beyond our capacity. As a trusted excavation contractor, we guarantee preparation surfaces and areas for new projects. We understand that proper foundations are essential for a building to sit on or a driveway to drive on. The experts at Howard Paving take pride in their work and only produce quality finished products. Our knowledgeable staff will provide the quality excavation services you need using industry-leading equipment.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded with over 35 years of experience. We pride ourselves as a locally trusted name in the industry with the ability to provide exceptional quality work and service to our residential and commercial clients. Contact us with any questions you may have. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. If convenient, schedule an estimate for a consultation and project bid.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is a general term for the non-living elements on a property. As the name suggests, they are your yard's physically challenging design elements. Artificial structures common to landscape designs such as decks, pergolas, patio covers, and gazebos are also hardscapes. Hardscaping makes up half of the landscape designs. Elements such as stone walls and paver paths divide yards between fields, gardens, patios, and buildings. Such walkways and walls can operate as barriers and resolutions to obstinate water movement. Hardscaping is essentially the foundation of landscape design

Hardscape Materials

  • Stone: Ordinarily, the stone utilized are flagstone, sandstone, slate, limestone, and quartzite.

  • Concrete: A mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, and water. Concrete is an affordable material for hardscaping. It possesses excellent versatility without sacrificing durability. With the ability to take any shape and withstand substantial loads, concrete is the most common hardscaping material.

  • Pavers: Different types of bricks ranging in color, size, and ingredients. Most interlock and do not need mortar for installation. Pavers provide an aesthetic advantage when designing a landscape. Comprised of an artificial process, they come in endless shapes and colors. Pavers are best for patios, driveways, garden beds, paths, pool decks, and more.

  • Bricks: Bricks are classic red blocks that never go out of style. Bricks are more expensive than concrete and pavers but value comparable to stone. Bricks build vertical structures like buildings and houses. Brick hardscapes, such as patios, complement a property's existing design transitioning from brick siding to yard.

  • Wood: Providing a natural look to transition into woods. Decks remain constructed with pressure-treated lumber.


Personalize Landscapes Using Hardscape

Hardscaping on a property achieves a stylish dimension and adds a sustainable landscape. It is an excellent tool to draw in the interest of homebuyers. An attractive house draws the attention of a passerby. Sprucing up a yard may be the new look and feel you're looking to achieve. Hardscaping enables a homeowner to modify their property's architecture to suit their needs or match their home's exterior. Patios and decks provide an outdoor entertainment space for guests and family. Paths add a beautiful touch to gardens and a functional walkway between yard spaces. Homeowners can guide their guest's focus by strategically placing hardscapes, soft scapes, and pathways along a yard.

Privacy is achievable through hardscaping. You can change the possibilities of your outdoor space. Privacy walls are great for creating boundaries and providing shelter and solitude. Fences and walls not only separate property lines between neighbors, but they can also divide a yard for different purposes. Keeping children and dogs contained in a grassy area away from passing vehicles or walking civilians is achievable with fences.

We Service All Property Types

Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Hardscaping We Service All Property Types

We Service All Property Types


Managing Yard Topography

Retaining walls are decorative while improving property value and identifying landmarks. They hold functional value, preventing soil erosion from winds and floods. Retaining walls accompany drainage outlets to control water flow. Strategically placed retaining walls will utilize the outdoor area by sectioning yard space suitable for gardens and flower beds. Retaining walls hold sections of soil, separating yards into flatter leveled surfaces. The different retaining walls are piling, gabion, gravity, cantilevered, anchor system, and concrete block. The professionals at Howard Paving can identify which type of retaining wall may be the best solution for your goal.


Stone Stairs and paths assist in leveling off sloping or uneven land. They minimize runoff in areas that quickly flood, improving the drainage. Materials like stone, rock, and concrete absorb the sun's heat and help dry the soil around it. It is essential to eliminate standing water to prevent algae, mildew, and unwanted pests. Hardscapes efficiently fight water waste and require little maintenance. Hardscape, such as paving walkways or patios, will reduce maintenance in a yard. Designing landscape plans require knowledge of hardscape features. Contact our experts to help you plan and complete your project.


A property's inadequate slope or pitch requires drainage installed to combat flooding. Factors such as gutters that do not pipe away rainwater from the property will hinder the options available to resolve submerged patches or flooding problems. The Howard Paving experts are here to assess your property's issues and suggest the best resolution.



 Reinforce Asphalt Pavement With Hardscape Edging

Block edging on driveways or parking lots is aesthetically gratifying and functionally advantageous. Various border designs finish the appearance of a paved asphalt driveway or parking lot. Edging blocks protect asphalt from cracking. A secure border will keep the finished asphalt from breaking and reduce erosion. We suggest installing edging to strengthen and


Block edging has various methods of installation. The traditional or standard technique has 4-5 inches of block showing. The 45-degree approach is less aggressive but takes an extra touch when installing. Our expert staff takes the time to properly pack concrete, ensuring the block retains its angle and stays level in the ground. Blocks can be set flush to the driveway or parking lot and have the strength to keep the pavement intact.

Our Guarantee

Howard Paving guarantees the work our experts produce. Our team members work efficiently without sacrificing precision. Our prices are reasonable and competitive with other New Jersey contractor service providers. Exterior property work often requires heavy machinery and hours of tedious labor. Some softscape, hardscape, and landscape work requires meticulous attention to detail that only our expert pavers, stone layers, and operators can provide. Call us to help you with the heavy work. We are here to help you with your project, even if it is just part of the job! Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Howard paving is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. If your business, home, or industrial establishment requires professional paving or excavation services, contact us for your free estimate or schedule an expert consultation with one of our specialists. Howard Paving and Excavating serves the state of New Jersey in the following counties and their respective townships: Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Union County, and Mercer County. We hope to hear from you and help you throughout your construction project.

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