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Concrete Work

Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Residential Concrete Work

What is Concrete?

Concrete pavement is used for many applications, including parking facilities, industrial facilities, airfields, roadways, highways, and driveways. The array of decorative designs and colors enables homeowners to customize their patios, driveways, walkways, and more. Concrete can handle heavier loads than asphalt and is resistant to high temperatures. Concrete slabs are used to sustain the weight of dumpsters or heavier parked vehicles for long periods. 


Concrete consists of three components, water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel), and Portland cement as the binding agent. To prep for paving, the soil base must be graded and compact. A layer of material, subbase, will be added above the subgrade providing structure for the concrete pavement. 


The concrete driveways we pave are at least 6 inches and follow a minimum ideal strength rating of 4,500 psi. Concrete walkways and patios are 4 inches of concrete, and strength specs can range depending on the weight load expected. Howard Paving follows all township specs when paving street curbs.  

The Paved Difference

Concrete parking lots and driveways are easier to maintain than dirt or gravel. If adequately laid and maintained, concrete will take over three decades to lose its durability and solidity. Concrete parking lots, driveways, and slabs are more durable than the asphalt alternative. 

Frequently, dirt and gravel roads and driveways cause shifts to the ground. The weight of overpassing vehicles destroys a leveled terrain causing it to loosen and become messy. Unfinished driveways create dust debris, mud, hills, ditches, trenches, cavities, craters, depressions, water streams, and puddles. Rainwater and snow will make or enlarge existing holes. Let's face it, the periodic nuisance of grading tire tracks and filling divets in gravel is enough reason to invest in a paved, finished driveway and parking lot. A paved, leveled, smooth surface makes snow removal and winter maintenance easier. 

First impressions are everything. Business facades exhibiting paved parking lots and garages provide customers with a pleasant drive and walkway. Finished driveways integrate aesthetically to the road and sit uniform with adjacent finished driveways. They embrace a clean, stylistic look to the property, complementing the neighborhood and setting a great first impression. Concrete driveways offer an aesthetically pleasing and affordable way to spruce a home entrance. Upgrading to a paved driveway increases the curb appeal, more often than not raising the property value.

Concrete patios create an entertainment space for families and guests. Walkways provide clean paths to sections of properties or landscape elements. The dirt, mud, and bugs that the grass attracts are kept at a distance while enjoying the outdoor environment.  

Howard Paving is the best choice for commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and private or public road construction. Since 1986 Howard Paving has been operating locally. Let us be your choice for your next project! 


​Concrete Removal

Concrete demolition is necessary for several reasons. Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, or slabs deal with weathering and erosion. Weathering causes cracks to form, which grow more significant in time. These cracks are a nuisance and eyesore. The weather can also cause concrete to be pushed up unevenly in a process called frost heave. Improper preparation of subgrade causes settled concrete. Contact our experts for your future concrete needs.


Our Guarantee

Howard Paving guarantees the work our experts produce. Our team members work efficiently without sacrificing precision. Our prices are reasonable and competitive with other New Jersey contractor service providers. Exterior property work often requires heavy machinery and hours of tedious labor. Some softscape, hardscape, and landscape work requires meticulous attention to detail that only our expert pavers, stone layers, and operators can provide. Call us to help you with the heavy work. We are here to help you with your project, even if it is just part of the job! Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Howard paving is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. If your business, home, or industrial establishment requires professional paving or excavation services, contact us for your free estimate or schedule an expert consultation with one of our specialists. Howard Paving and Excavating serves the state of New Jersey in the following counties and their respective townships: Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Union County, and Mercer County. We hope to hear from you and help you throughout your construction project.

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