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It is Essential to Pave Your Driveway

     Concrete paved driveways are easier to maintain than dirt or gravel. Gravel shifts from use and weathering in time, becoming loose and messy. Unfinished driveways create dust, debris, mud, hills, divots, empty spaces, water streams, and even flooding. During the winter, snow removal is more convenient with a paved, leveled, smooth surface.  

     A finished driveway embraces a clean, stylistic look to the property, furthermore complementing the neighborhood and setting a great first impression. Concrete driveways offer an aesthetically pleasing and affordable method to spruce up the entrance of a home. Upgrading to a paved driveway increases the curb appeal of a home, more often than not raising the property value.

     Concrete offers creative options to bring curb appeal to your property. The array of decorative designs and colors enables homeowners to customize their patios, driveways, walkways, and more. 


What is Concrete?

     Concrete consists of three components, water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel), and cement as the binding agent. Concrete can handle heavier loads than asphalt and is resistant to high temperatures.

Howard Paving is the Right Choice. 

     The concrete driveways we pave are at least 6 inches, and all follow a minimum ideal strength rating of 4,500 psi. Concrete walkways and patios are 4 inches of concrete, and strength specs can range depending on the weight load expected. Howard Paving follows all township specs when paving street curbs.  

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