Concrete Work

The Paved Difference

     Concrete paved driveways are easier to maintain than dirt or gravel. Gravel shifts from use and weathering in time, becoming loose and messy. Unfinished driveways create dust, debris, mud, hills, divots, empty spaces, water streams, and even flooding. During the winter, snow removal is more convenient with a paved, leveled, smooth surface. Concrete handles heavyweight loads for long periods. It is the ideal choice when installing a slab for heavy loads. 


     A finished driveway embraces a clean, stylistic look to the property, complementing the neighborhood and setting a great first impression. Concrete driveways offer an aesthetically pleasing method to spruce up the entrance of a home. The array of decorative designs and colors enables homeowners to customize their patios, driveways, walkways, and more. Upgrading to a paved driveway increases the curb appeal, more often than not raising the property value.

What is concrete?

     Concrete consists of three components, water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel), and Portland cement as the binding agent. Concrete can handle heavier loads than asphalt and is resistant to high temperatures. Concrete slabs sustain the weight of dumpsters or heavier parked vehicles for long periods. 


     The concrete driveways we pave are at least 6 inches and follow a minimum ideal strength rating of 4,500 psi. Concrete walkways and patios are 4 inches of concrete, and strength specs can range depending on the weight load expected. Howard Paving follows all township specs when paving street curbs.  

​Concrete Removal

     Concrete demolition is necessary for several reasons. Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, or slabs deal with weathering and erosion. Weathering causes cracks to form, which grow more significant in time. These cracks are a nuisance and eyesore. The weather can also cause concrete to be pushed up unevenly in a process called frost heave. Improper preparation of subgrade causes settled concrete. Contact our experts for your future concrete needs.

Our Guarantee

     The employees at Howard Paving have the necessary years of experience and training to provide the best service achievable. Whether commercial or residential, we practice the proper paving preparation methods to ensure our product's longevity. An improperly laid foundation will leave the new surface susceptible to damage from cold weather. A loose foundation will cause the asphalt to eventually divot from the weight of passing vehicles. Our professionals ensure the finished project will last by taking our time to do everything right at no extra cost to our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the conversation piece you desire for years to come. After all, being a family-owned local company, we depend on our customers and community! At Howard Paving, we don't cut any corners!  

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Howard Paving & Excavating New Jersey Residential Commercial Industrial Residential Concrete Work