Drainage Solutions

​Signs of Drainage Problems

Standing water creates wet spots in yards and is a nuisance and eyesore. Submerged sections of lawns prevent homeowners from maintaining a well-manicured yard and risk dead patches of grassland. 

Wet spots near a house can cause leaks into the basement. Excess or stagnant water build-up near homes will soak into the ground, collecting against basements, crawlspace walls, and foundations. Basement and crawlspace drainage is essential in controlling the water content in those rooms. Water damage causes basement and crawl space flooding, mildew growth, mold, or foundation settling and cracking. The best prevention method is to collect and pipe the water away from your house or garage before damage occurs.


At Howard Paving & Excavating, we pride ourselves on finding the best drainage solution for your property. We always consider grading topsoil or dirt to direct water away from the house. Grading is a cost-effective solution, but only when applicable. Whether installing dry wells, French drains or connecting downspout PVC pipes to direct rainwater. We guarantee to advise you on the best resolution for your property. We also service emergency water lines and sewer repairs.


What Causes Drainage Problems?

The most common cause of wet spots and drainage problems is improper installation and piping of gutters or downspouts. Rain gutters collect water from the entire surface area of your roof, then channel it through downspouts and deposited it in a targeted area. Such areas are sewers, french drains, or underground pipes. 


Yard grading and driveway slopes are detrimental in preventing standing water. Proper driveway drainage combats the natural slope of the land. Storm and melting ice water can flow onto your property and remain stagnant without adequate drainage. Water can be carried from neighboring properties, the roofs of building structures or even landscape watering equipment. It is essential to assess the flow of water to guide it away from your home or garage. 


Our Guarantee

Howard Paving guarantees the work our experts produce. Our team members work efficiently without sacrificing precision. You will find our prices are reasonable and competitive with other New Jersey contractor service providers. Exterior property work often requires heavy machinery and hours of tedious labor. Some softscape, hardscape, and landscape work requires meticulous attention to detail that only our expert pavers, stone layers, operators can provide. Call us to help you with the heavy work. We are here to help you with your project, even if it is just part of the full job! Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Howard paving is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. If your business, home, or industrial establishment requires professional paving or excavation services, contact us for your free estimate or schedule an expert consultation from one of our specialists. Howard Paving and Excavating serves the state of New Jersey in the following counties and their respective townships: Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Union County, and Mercer County. We hope to hear from you and help you throughout your construction project.