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     At Howard Paving & Excavating Co., we do not cut any corners. We practice the right paving preparation methods to ensure longevity in our product. Improperly laying foundation leaves it susceptible to damage from cold weather. The integrity of asphalt is compromised if the foundation under it is not compact and creates potholes from the weight of vehicles. 


It is Essential to Pave Your Driveway

     Asphalt paved driveways are easier to maintain than dirt or gravel. Gravel shifts from use and weathering in time, becoming loose and messy. Unfinished driveways create dust, debris, mud, hills, divots, empty spaces, water streams, and even flooding. During the winter, snow removal is more convenient with a paved, leveled, smooth surface.  

     A finished driveway embraces a clean, stylistic look to the property, furthermore complementing the neighborhood and setting a great first impression. Asphalt driveways offer an aesthetically pleasing and affordable method to spruce up the entrance of a home. Upgrading to a paved driveway increases the curb appeal of a home, more often than not raising the property value.


What is Asphalt?

     Asphalt is a paving solution made of aggregates (various recycled materials, crushed rock, sand, gravel, slags), binder, and filler. A bottom layer of aggregate is heavily compacted, so the asphalt poured on top can settle properly. 

Asphalt paving is a green technology. Old asphalt material is recyclable, often on-site, and is environmentally friendly. Asphalt is ground up and reused in a process called milling

     Asphalt is perfect for northeastern weather does not deteriorate in the snow or from salt.

Asphalt absorbs the heat from the sun and melts snow faster than other driveway options. 

     For commercial properties, we suggest milling and paving as the best solution. Milling grinds down the old asphalt and levels it out to create a leveled surface for paving. Compacting the old asphalt helps in the bonding process to the old surface. 

Reinforce the Integrity of Your Asphalt Driveway

     Reinforcing the edge of an asphalt driveway or parking lot protects the most vulnerable area, where the asphalt meets soil or dirt. This section is susceptible to cracking from the weight of vehicles. Reinforcement along the edge of a driveway keeps the asphalt intact. 

     Howard Paving offers many stylish options for parking lot and driveway edging. Belgium blocks are natural stone, whereas pavers have a wide variety of color options but are human-made. The depth and angle of the edging block are just as customizable. These adjustments can assure the safety of your car rims and tires. 


Asphalt Maintenance

     It is important to apply seal coating to asphalt at the proper times.

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