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Mill & Pave


Commercial property parking lots are usually the first sight a customer sees at an establishment. This first impression carries with the customer through their experience. Smooth asphalt surfaces provide a more luxurious, safe drive and peace of mind when parking. Milling before paving levels the surface fixing potholes, cracks, blemishes, and divots, preventing them from growing. 


What is Milling & Paving?

Milling is an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly method of recycling paved asphalt. Typically, the milled and recycled asphalt is reused as aggregate in the new pavement at the worksite. Asphalt milling is preferred for roads, parking lots, and bridges. Milling is commonly used for larger asphalt surface paving projects constituting it a cost-effective option. 


How Milling Works

Milling machines, also known as cold planers, are used to grind up large portions of asphalt. The milling process prevents additional material from being used, reducing the project's carbon footprint. Milling can efficiently remove particular layers of asphalt. Milling to remove the surface layer of asphalt will effectively fix any irregularities in the specific layer. Milling asphalt or subgrade to plan specifications, creating uniform depth with slopes, or full-depth milling to the base.

Our Guarantee

Howard Paving guarantees the work our experts produce. Our team members work efficiently without sacrificing precision. You will find our prices are reasonable and competitive with other New Jersey contractor service providers. Exterior property work often requires heavy machinery and hours of tedious labor. Some softscape, hardscape, and landscape work requires meticulous attention to detail that only our expert pavers, stone layers, and operators can provide. Call us to help you with the heavy work. We are here to help you with your project, even if it is just part of the full job! Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Howard paving is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. If your business, home, or industrial establishment requires professional paving or excavation services, contact us for your free estimate or schedule an expert consultation with one of our specialists. Howard Paving and Excavating serves the state of New Jersey in the following counties and their respective townships: Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Union County, and Mercer County. We hope to hear from you and help you throughout your construction project.

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