Driveway Edging

     Block edging in driveways are aesthetically gratifying and functionally advantageous. A variety of border designs finish the appearance of a driveway. Edging blocks protect asphalt driveways from cracking. A secure driveway border will keep the driveway from breaking and reduce erosion. 


     There are a few ways to install block edging. The traditional or standard technique has 4-5 inches of block showing. The 45-degree method is less aggressive but takes an extra touch when installing. We take time to pack the concrete correctly, ensuring the block will retain its angle and stay level in the ground. Blocks can be set flush to the driveway and still keep the integrity to hold the driveway intact. 


Patios, Paths, & Walls

     Hardscaping on a property achieves a stylish dimension and adds a sustainable landscape. Homeowners customize the architecture of a property to suit their needs. Deck and patio spaces incorporate the backyard with the home space. Patios and decks provide an outdoor entertainment space for guests and family. Paths add a beautiful touch to gardens and a functional walkway between yard space. Hardscapes efficiently fight water waste and require little maintenance.




Retaining Walls

     Retaining walls are decorative while increasing property value and marking boundaries. They hold functional value, preventing soil erosion from winds and floods. Strategically placed retaining walls make use of a landscape area by sectioning yard space suitable for gardens and flower beds. 

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