Breaking up an old pool or section of concrete is taxing labor. Then comes the dawning task to adequately dispose of the waste. Howard Paving & Excavating can handle any of your demolition needs. We will tear it down and haul it away. 




     Inground pools become problems when they get outdated. Howard Paving offers demolition services to prepare any site for a new pool. We also excavate to remove pools and correctly fill the hole so that the land is suitable for future dwellings. A pool consists of concrete, gunite, fiberglass, liner, rebar, and more. Properly removing pool construction material is necessary so the site can be prepared for a new pool or filled with dirt and soil.



     Concrete removal is necessary for several reasons. Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, or slabs deal with weathering and erosion. Weathering causes cracks to form, which grow more significant in time. These cracks are a nuisance and eyesore. The weather can also cause concrete to be pushed up unevenly in a process called frost heave. Improper preparation of subgrade causes settled concrete. 

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